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Whether you’re trying to create some privacy in your yard or looking to add a gorgeous art piece, hedges are a wonderful addition to any garden. Having a well-presented garden, healthier plants and thicker foliage are all benefits of maintaining proper upkeep on your plants and trees. Careful and regular hedging pruning and trimming can be an overwhelming task especially if you lack the tools or skill to carry it out to a high standard, we can take all the fuss away with our hedge trimming service.

The benefits of regular hedge trimming, and pruning include healthier plants, thicker foliage and, of course will keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

Whatever the size, our operators have the equipment and experience to get your hedges, hrubs, and small trees back in shape!

Having hedges in and around your garden won’t only look beautiful when cared for correctly, they additionally provide privacy and can even act as a fence. To get the most out of your hedges ensuring they are looking their best they should be trimmed regularly and properly which will result in the hedge growing thicker, provide more privacy and look more atheistically pleasing.

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Why Prune

Preventative maintenance by pruning and trimming your plants will encourage plants to grow and flourish. You can also shape your plants to suit your garden or design while also removing unsightly dead branches or foliage affected by pests or disease. hedge trimming pruning dead branches, Dead Branches Removing dead branches from trees or overhanging branches will help to improve safety for your family, home, and assets. Branches that overhang buildings, fences or power lines can cause unnecessary damages that are avoidable by engaging a qualified and experienced Pro Cut operator.

Correct shaping of rose bushes, hedges, and trees while they are young can make all the difference to your garden design and look as they mature and take shape and helps with proper growth.

For someone without the knowledge, skills and equipment this can not only be tricky to pull off but down right embarrassing if the end result is underwhelming. Why go through this all on your own when you can let the team at Lawn Mowing Newcastle help you out. Our team are professionals when it comes to making your hedges look like a million bucks. We also provide pruning services on dead branches, overhanging trees to help improve the safety of your backyard and to get rid of any eyesores devaluating to price of your home.

Give us a call on or fill out the quote form on the side of the page and we will be able to help you with prices and any other questions you may have about our hedge trimming service.

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